Ways to Study

There are as many ways to study as there are quizzers. Following are some general suggestions.

Have a three ring binder to put all your quizzing material in.

Highlight all the quotes in your quizzing book even if you are not going to be a quoter. Then underline the FTV keywords for that quote.

Study in small doses. Three 10 minute sessions during the day work a lot better than trying to sit down and do 2 or 3 hours straight.

Try different ways of study. You can study the material. You can study questions. You can study by yourself. You can study in a group. Try several combinations and see what works best for you.

Suppose you only want to study 2 hours a week. If this is all you can do, then just read the chapter 2 or 3 times and answer the study questions. Suppose you want to study 2 hours a day. If you want to be a hard core quizzer and be one of the top scorers in the district you will have to memorize the material. You can be one of the quizzers who will be able to quote all of the material this year.

Most quizzers will not be able to study 2 hours a day. Here are some other suggestions on how to study:

  • Read it. Read a chapter straight through. Boring, maybe, but if you are going to memorize it, this is a good way to start.
  • Listen to a tape.
  • Write out the chapter while looking at the open book.
  • Read it out loud, by yourself, or in a group.
  • Let someone who has it memorized quote it to you.
  • Make up your own questions. Write down 1 or two per verse. Try to make up every possible question per verse. Some verses could have 15 or 20.
  • In a group, have your book open, and one make up a question and another answer.

Memorize it

Just the quotes and FTVs, all of them or just one chapter

Memorize for short term memory. Memorize 5 verses today and don’t worry about being able to quote them the next day. Even if you can’t say them tomorrow or next week, memorizing for short term memory is still much better than just reading it.

Memorize for long term memory. Be able to say all of the material straight through by the end of the year.

Quote it to yourself while doing something else, in the shower, walking, riding in a car.


Study questions

  • Read all the questions over and over.
  • Jump in extra practices during the week.
  • If you don’t know enough to answer questions, volunteer to ask them for someone else.
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