Registering your teams

A couple of weeks before each quiz meet, coaches are asked to register their teams with CMQ’s registrar. The meet organizers need to know how many teams in which division, how many quizzers and how many adults will be attending. Because the draw is specially designed for each quiz meet based on the number of teams registered, coaches must make every effort not to alter the number of teams they register.

For weekend meets, the organizers also need to know billet preferences as the youth and adults are billeted in homes for the weekend.

Once you know who will be attending the meet, assign each of the quizzers to a team. Each team needs a captain but it’s not necessary to determine this before the meet.  And the captain role can rotate among the quizzers even during a meet. Because the captain speaks on behalf of the team, a certain level of maturity is required. While changes to team composition can be made on Friday night when confirming registration, the number of teams cannot be changed. Once registration is confirmed on Friday, changes to the team composition are not allowed either.

Teams who have too few quizzers to make up a team for a meet are encouraged to be in touch with CMQ’s registrar, who can provide insight into the best solution for each meet.

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