Packing for the weekend

Quizzers need to bring sleeping bags, pillows, towels, and toiletries to weekend meets. Please be sure that all luggage is marked with the quizzer’s name and name of the local church. Sleeping bags need this too. Masking tape works well. Coaches do not need to bring sleeping bags, as they are billeted in homes where beds are available. If coaches require bedding, they will be contacted in advance of the meet. The exception to this is the final meet at Briercrest College and Seminary where everyone is billeted in the dorms; bedding and towels are not provided.

Please remind quizzers that they are responsible for their belongings, including valuables. Perhaps suggest they leave their valuables at home. Coaches, please discuss the use of electronic devices. If bringing a phone means a quizzer will be on the phone sending texts all weekend instead of connecting with other quizzers, perhaps the phone should stay at home, too.

Sometimes the social event is an outside activity. Quizzers and coaches need to bring appropriate clothes and footwear. The social will be announced in advance of the meet.

Everyone should also pack a great attitude 🙂

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