Each summer, Alliance Bible Quizzing hosts an international Bible quizzing tournament. Alliance districts throughout North America are invited to send teams based on the number of quizzers in their respective districts.

CMD Quizzing sends two teams with each team comprised of five quizzers and two coaches. The selection of the top 10 quizzers in the district is based on their averages from the three district meets, their score at Head-to-Head, and discretionary points.

  • 1st district meet: 15%
  • 2nd district meet: 20%
  • Head-to-Head: 25%
  • Final district meet: 40%

These percentages are added and multiplied by 90 per cent. The remaining 10 per cent comes from the discretionary points that are awarded based on leadership within a church quizzing program and leadership at the district.

To re-state the formula: (1st district+2nd district+H2H+finals) x 90% + 10% = 100%

Quizzers who qualify to represent CMD Quizzing at the CMA international quizzing competition ought to consider this a privilege that comes with responsibilities:

  • First and foremost
    • Represent well Christ, CMQ, and home quiz team by showing respect, acting with dignity and extending grace to other quizzers, coaches and officials.
  • Before the summer competition
    • study the quizzing material between quizzing finals and internationals as assigned by the international coaches
    • work hard to be as prepared as possible
    • attend practice weekend scheduled by the international coaches
    • attend practice week scheduled for several days before the international competition
    • participate fully in the team activities during the practice weekend and week
  • At the competition
    • respond appropriately to coaching during quizzes
    • follow the expectations of the coaches who are acting in lieu of parents
    • remain with the team and not leave the quizzing campus unless accompanied by a coach or parent. There may be times when a quizzer cannot leave the campus because of various quizzing and team activities. The coaches must be consulted before a quizzer leaves the campus with parents.
    • participate fully in team activities
  • After the competition
    • continue to participate in quizzing
    • invest in the growth of quizzers at their home churches and in the district
  • Finances
    • Valid passport, when the international quiz meet is held in the United States.
    • Team uniforms chosen by the quizzers and coaches.
    • International fees that cover quiz meet registration, transportation to and from the meet, most meals, accommodations, a fun activity. This varies from year to year and depends on where internationals is held.
    • These fees do not cover all the expenses. Quizzers are subsidized by CMD Quizzing.
    • Additional meals enroute to the meet and home, during the fun activity day. This also varies from year to year.
    • Families living where practice weekend and week occur will be asked to billet quizzers and provide evening meals to the quiz teams.
    • Families not living where practice weekend and week occur will be asked to provide lunches and snacks that will be shared with the quiz teams.
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