Host Churches

Participating in Bible quizzing and attending quiz meets are privileges not rights. With 300 or more youth and adults being housed and fed during the weekend, it’s important for everyone involved to recognize the significant contribution local churches and church families make when hosting quiz meets. These churches and their families are the lifeline of the program. Without their support and willingness to serve, quiz meets would not happen.

Quizzers are expected to stay on the premises when attending meets and are allowed off campus only when accompanied by a coach or parent. Everyone needs to be respectful of the buildings we use. If something is damaged or broken, please report it immediately to those working in the statistics room so the issue can be dealt with by the CMQ director. Encourage your quizzers to thank the volunteers who work tirelessly preparing and serving food, maintaining bathrooms, and circulating throughout the building during the quiz weekends.

We also need to be appreciative of the host families who generously open their homes to quizzers, coaches and officials. Please be respectful and show your appreciation by leaving a thank-you card for the family.

Because quizzers should always be able to contact their coaches, please ensure that your quizzers know your cell phone number and that you have it on throughout the weekend, even during the night. It should be on vibrate during quizzes.

More information about expectations at quiz meets can be found on the CMQ website,

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