Head-to-Head (H2H) is a one-day competition initiated in 1998 by Canadian Midwest Quizzing to promote the development of international all-star teams that are balanced across different question categories. The purpose of the day is to evaluate the strengths of potential all-star quizzers within their respective categories in order to identify the strongest quizzers within each category.

Only those quizzers who are seeking to qualify for the Christian and Missionary Alliance international competition to be held in the summer should attend this day. Quizzers who are invited to attend H2H but who aren’t prepared to attend internationals are expected to decline the invitation to H2H, freeing up a spot for quizzers who are working toward qualifying for internationals.

This is a closed event. Spectators including parents, siblings, friends and coaches are not invited to attend H2H.

The CMD Quizzing head quiz master invites up to 16 quizzers to H2H based on the following criteria:

  • Quizzers who compete in the A division: average is calculated using all of their quizzes, except the final.
  • Quizzers whose team drops out of the A division: average is calculated on the basis of five quizzes
    • three preliminary quizzes,
    • the lowest preliminary score counted twice,
    • X-Y-Z quiz, if applicable,
    • if X-Y-Z quiz not applicable, the two lowest preliminary scores counted twice.

Quizzers who rank in the top 10 after the first and second district meets will automatically be invited to H2H, which is intended to help with the selection of the CMD international teams. However, if a quizzer is invited to H2H but is not planning to attend internationals, that quizzer is expected to decline the invitation and not attend H2H.

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