Getting your parents and church involved

While you are the point person for your church’s Bible quizzing program, you shouldn’t be doing all the work yourself.

First of all, keep your parents and your church family informed about quizzing. Send emails to parents and ask for a corner of your church bulletin. Provide information about upcoming meets, prayer requests, results from the quiz meets. Ask for space on a bulletin board in the church to post posters with lots of photos from quiz meets.

Recruit help by asking people to:

  • Pray for quizzers and coaches. An “adopt-a-quizzer” program is a great way to ensure people are praying for your quizzers. People “adopt” a quizzer and commit to pray for that individual throughout the year. You prepare a prayer card with photo of the quizzer for each person who is “adopting” a quizzer and include a general prayer guide.
  • Listen to quizzers recite their verses during the weekly practice.
  • Teach the Bible lesson for the passage that’s being memorized.
  • Transport quizzers to meets.
  • Volunteer at quiz meets as an official (scorekeeper or answer judge). Training is provided.

As more youth join your quiz program, you’ll need to recruit more people to help with the coaching. Former quizzers make great coaches. If you are blessed with more than enough help, we are always happy to train new officials. Your “extra” coaches should feel free to contact CMQ’s officials co-ordinator.

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