Getting Started


Canadian Midwest Quizzing is divided into three zones: northern Saskatchewan, southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario. Each zone has a co-ordinator who is responsible for assisting local churches in setting up quiz programs. Go to CMQ committees for information on how to contact your zone coordinator. You will want to be added to the CMQ email list to ensure that you receive information about quizzing and quiz meets.


It is essential that all quizzers memorize the Scripture verses using the same version and copyright date as the one used in the questions.

CMQ sells the Scripture portion to be studied in a variety of formats.  Using this material is recommended rather than using a Bible because the material is specially marked for Bible quizzing.

CMQ also publishes a sampling of questions to be used for quiz practices. These questions are a sub-set of the questions used for competition. The church set is available online (no charge).

To access QuizHelper, a free subscription online service, go to You will need to send an email requesting access to the service. It includes a quiz generator as well as resources to aid in studying.

Other resources and study aids are available online. Some are free while others are for sale. See coaches corner for additional information.


Canadian Midwest Quizzing and many of the churches involved own quiz benches. These benches are used for competition. Some churches also own quiz pads that need to be set on flat chairs or benches.

Equipment is available for purchase from different vendors.

While it is preferred to practice using pads or benches, it is not essential. You can practice by having the quizzers sit on chairs and a volunteer act as a jump judge to determine which quizzer jumped first. A variation of the game “spoons” is also fun. Have the quizzers sit in a large circle around a plastic cup. The first quizzer to lunge and grab the cup answers the question. A set of benches is available for rent for churches on an annual basis. These benches are often used for quiz meets and transporting them to the meets is the responsibility of the church borrowing them. Rentals can be arranged by contacting the CMQ director.

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