Divisions and the draw

The draw for district quiz meets is split into divisions. We start with two groups: rookies (C) and non-rookies (A/B).

Teams registered in the non-rookie division are further divided after three preliminary quizzes to determine rankings.

The A and A consolation divisions are the most competitive and features the fastest jumping. Questions are drawn from all of the material studied. This level of competition may intimidate some quizzers, but quizzing in these divisions may be an excellent way to motivate those quizzers to improve their knowledge of the material. While the divisions includes the handful of top competitive quizzers in the district, most of the approximately 90 quizzers in the division display a wide range of quizzing competence.

The B division is for quizzers who are still developing. In this division, quizzers jump at slower speeds. Quotation, FTV and reference questions are generated from verses in the Club 150 list (see page 28 for an explanation of Clubs 150 and 300) while all other questions can come from any verse in the material.

The C division is for first-year quizzers only, or for those others with prior approval of the CMQ director. It’s an opportunity for rookies to learn the rules of the game. Quotation, FTV and reference questions are drawn from Club 150 verses while questions from other categories can be based on any verse in the material.

In some circumstances, coaches may decide to register a “rookie” in the A or B division and not in the C division. This is permissible and does not require the director’s approval.

Coaches are encouraged to send an email to the district registrar prior to quiz meets if they have questions or concerns with the registration process. At the meet, each team will quiz three preliminary quizzes to determine initial rankings. Based on those rankings, the teams are bracketed with 12 teams in each division competing against one another in respective elimination rounds. This may change from one quiz meet to the next based on the total number of teams registered for that meet.

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