Cost of meets

Canadian Midwest Quizzing is a non-profit organization with charitable status recognized by Canada Revenue Agency.

All quizzers and coaches will be charged a registration fee for each quiz meet they attend. Any other local church volunteers, drivers for example, and spectators who require billeting and are planning to eat meals at the quiz meet will also be charged the fee. Officials, including quiz masters, answer judges and scorekeepers, will not be charged the fee. The exception to this is the final quiz meet at Briercrest College and Seminary where answer judges and scorekeepers are charged a portion of the fee to cover the cost of the dorm rooms and cafeteria food.

The registration fee charged at meets covers the cost of the food, the social activity, trophies and other expenses associated with hosting quiz meets.

Everyone who is registered will be fed lunch and supper on Saturday, and lunch on Sunday. People who are billeted will be fed breakfast on Saturday and Sunday in their host homes.

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