Coaching a team

As a Bible quiz coach, you have an amazing opportunity and a responsibility to affect the lives of young people on your team for God.  Thank you and God bless you for taking up the torch.

A coach is….an example

As the adult leading youth to learn more about God, you need to emulate the concepts you are covering in the material.  When you do that, they will soon figure out that the ideas stated in the Scripture verses are, in fact, ALIVE!! This includes watching our speech (individual words) and conversation (jokes, comments and attitude). A great way to be an example is to memorize the verses along with the youth.

A coach is…a teacher

Hand-in-hand with being an example is being a teacher.  Perhaps you’ve never thought of yourself as a teacher before, but if you’ve ever explained something for others to understand, and they did, you’ve been a teacher.  However, teachers cannot take students any further than where they themselves are.  A “teacher” cannot take another person into an airplane and teach that person how to fly it if the “teacher” has never done it.  A teacher can talk about what the Bible says but to experience what the Bible says is much better.  In the quizzing setting, we can teach the teens what WE are learning about God and from God.  Now that’s exciting!!

Continually pray for your quizzers so they are always on your mind and under God’s care.

A coach is…a student

Any teacher must also be a student.  When we are learning from God, we can teach the quizzers those very same things, helping them to grow in their relationship with God.  You might think that since you are the coach, you need to have all the answers, but there will be answers you don’t have…yet.  Isn’t it strange how this seems to form a circle?  We learn, we exemplify, we teach, we learn, and so on.  Be humble, and be ready to learn from the teens as well. They most likely will surprise you with their wisdom and the kinds of things they think about and ponder.

And a coach is…a coach, of course Quizzing is about learning Scripture in order to say it correctly at the quiz meets. That’s the competitive part.  As a coach you can teach quizzers to find their own unique memorization techniques, bind the quizzers together as a cohesive group and teach them sportsmanship.  Winning is great, but losing can be a time to become a real team where the members can support each other.

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