Eligibility Policy


At the beginning of the new quizzing year, coaches and parents often have questions about a teenager’s eligibility to quiz with their church team. This statement will address CMQ’s position on these matters and the philosophy of growth and expansion of Bible quizzing within our district.

1. North American Christian and Missionary Alliance quizzing programs have been built around Alliance church youth groups involving quizzers ages 12 to 19 and in grades seven to 12. To be eligible to attend District Quizmeets, students must be 12 years old by January 31 of the quizzing year and be in grade seven.  In this way, participation in CMQ as a quizzer is intended to be for a maximum of six years. Extenuating circumstances regarding a quizzer’s eligibility may be considered at the CMQ committee’s discretion. Any exceptions regarding eligibility requirements must be approved by the CMQ committee and the local head coach involved. The most common examples occurring are:

a. grade six students wanting to quiz at a district level.

b. quizzers from one Alliance church quiz team wanting to quiz with a different Alliance quiz team.

c. non-Alliance church teenagers desiring to join any existing church quiz team.

2. Canadian Midwest Quizzing has experienced the benefits of growth and quality people through the expansion of their quiz program to many other non-Alliance quiz teams. Although our aim is to help establish and then encourage these teams to expand within their denominations, no limiting time frame factor is currently in place. CMQ continues to exercise the provision of the rule book on page five under Eligibility Requirements Section I, Letter B which states, “Each district may establish eligibility rules for team membership and specify the degree of involvement quizzers must have with a local Alliance church”. As well, CMQ prefers individual churches to establish and operate their own quizzing programs when possible. Smaller groups are to utilize the provision stated in the rule book page six under Competition Levels Section II Zone Quizzing, Letter D which states “ Every church within a zone may send a team or teams to a zone quiz. However, if approved by the Zone Executive Committee, two small churches may combine to send one team.”

3. On an individual basis, “A” Division quizzers belonging to a church team, unable to enter an “A” team at a Zone or District level quiz meet can be placed with other “A” division quizzers within their zone. This request from such an individual’s head coach must be approved by CMQ and the other head coach involved.

4. Regarding the growth and size of each quizzing group, the philosophy is to multiply by dividing. As soon as a small group has a third person learning adequate amounts of verses, a second team could be formed to insure that increased question jumping and answering is experienced by that individual. As one of the other two achieving quizzers becomes the leader (captain) on this new team, the need now arises for a fourth quizzer to become much more involved as a supporter (co-captain). Quiz meets normally provide an opportunity for less successful teams, who are registered in A, B and C divisions, to participate in A, B and C consolation rounds. However, as developing teams progress to the championship top 3 finalist teams of B and C divisions at first or second districts, their church needs to increase the number of registered teams in the next higher division by 1 team. An exception to this policy is the top 3 team finalists of the C division at the 2nd District meet in March, where those churches represented may opt to return rookie teams to the C division for the May final District tournament. As quizzers and teams are pushed to greater levels of achievement, a church quizzing group can experience a rapid growth in numbers. Congruently, the number and quality of adult coaches also need to increase to avoid overburdening church personnel and finances. This is usually a concern in groups having over 25 kids in quizzing. It is therefore recommended that in groups of this size, at least half the quizzers or their parents support that local church through youth group or church attendance. If not, CMQ would work with the local church coaches to establish another new quizzing group from some of the quizzing kids within that quiz team having no affiliation with that church. As you know, CMQ desires to involve as many young people as possible in the memorization of God’s Word. Weekend quiz meet tournaments immensely contribute to the success of this district’s quizzing program. However, the required facilities and available workers are limiting factors to the numbers attending these meets. May our quizzers and their families think of their involvement in quizzing as more of a privilege than a right. As well may we all realize our dependency on God to bless his Word through the effort and commitment towards its learning and application in our lives.

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