The Competition

The competitive aspect of quizzing is used to motivate teens to memorize God’s word, laying the foundation for the Holy Spirit to use the living and active Word to draw them nearer to God.

While a significant portion of the weekend tournament is devoted to the competitive aspect, the competition is a tool to use in building teens and is never the end goal. CMQ’s competitive format includes three divisions, each one designed to meet the various capabilities and goals of quizzers.

The A-division is the top competitive division and features faster jumping and more of an emphasis on questions drawn from all of the material studied. While this competition may seem intimidating to less-experienced quizzers, the level of competition is an excellent motivator for learning the material better. Also, while the A-division includes the top competitive quizzers in the district, at the average district meet there are approximatly 100 participants in the A-division and a wide range of quizzing abilities are represented in this group. CMQ desires that each church have at least one team participating in the A-division, as quizzers in this division are challenged to improve their knowledge of the material and to do their absolute best in the competition.

The B-division is for quizzers with more than one year in the program who are not yet ready to transition to the A-division. The B-division is a developmental division with slower jumping speeds and more of an emphasis on the Club 150 and Club 300 material. Once a team has developed to the point that it is placing in the top 3 in the B-division, that team is encouraged to move to the A-division to continue their development.

The C-division is for first year quizzers only and allows the program to be introduced while focussing on the Club 150 key verses for that year.The judging expectations for the C-division reflect the “rookie” status of its participants and after one year in the C-division, participants are then registered in either the A-division or the B-division.

The competitions during CMQ’s tournaments are judged according to the International Quizzing Rule Book, with certain rules being further clarified for CMQ’s competitions.

Top competitors in the A-division are eligible for both the Great West Invitational meet held in April and the International Bible Quizzing tournament held in July.


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