Creative quiz practice: ideas for remotely connecting with your quizzers

Coaches in our district continue to hold quiz practices remotely now that large gatherings are prohibited as a means to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Zoom is a great option. It’s free and straight forward. Here’s the link: As a meeting organizer, you will send the “join URL” to your quizzers and coaches. Each participant can control their audio and video, turning them off and on. With the free option, your meeting can have up to 100 participants, but only for 45 minutes.

From Angela:
We met via zoom.  We read the chapter aloud taking turns, had a Bible study and answered questions. The quizzers said their name to “jump.”  Some youth were only connected by audio.  Then we played the game – two truths and a lie.  We closed by sharing prayer requests and praying together.  I am working on a new activity for this week and some ideas for review.  We plan to say verses over the phone.

From Jennifer:
We just did quiz practice tonight on Zoom and it went surprisingly well. We are a small group so that probably makes it easier, but still it was good. 

From Kathleen:
We started a 30-day memory verse challenge on March 13 (unknown to me, March 12 would be our last quiz practice at church). Every day I text parents with a memory verse for the kids.

Each Thursday, the quizzers are invited to call me at quiz practice time to quote to me; part of the challenge is that for every verse they quote from the challenge, I also have to quote one. Fortunately, our team is comparatively small and I have more free time 🙂 Starting this week, we will attempt to run a modified quiz practice using Zoom. We’ll still quote over the phone prior to practice. We’ll have a devotional online and we’ll be using the workbook’s reflection questions. We’ll modify the quizzing portion to asking the questions and having them answer, owing to the time delays that occur with varying speed of the internet. 

From Linda:
I have been sending encouraging messages to the quizzers regularly and gave them all the details on ribbon testing which we will be doing via Skype starting in April.  I have suggested is writing verses with chalk on sidewalks and driveways.  We usually do this on the church parking lot in early September before it gets too cold and the early darkness comes.

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