Quizzing Finals 2017 Registration Information


It seems like there hasn’t even been one spare moment between quiz meets this year, but we are somehow at finals already. Wow!

The meet will once again take place at Briercrest College and Seminary in Caronport on April 28-30, 2017.

Coaches, please read the following details carefully, and fill out and send your registration form to final.regATcmdquizzing.org (replace AT with @) by Tuesday, April 11, 2017. Please note that this is a week sooner than we normally ask for registration. As usual, if you are a team that meets on Wednesday or Thursday, and need an extra couple days, please just send me (pitman.heatherATgmail.com, replace AT with @) an email and let me know you’re on it!

                                  Briercrest 2017 Registration Form


-Cost for the meet is $80 per participant. Quiz masters and those running the stats room are exempt. All other officials pay $40. Cheques should be made payable to Canadian Midwest Quizzing. It’s easiest if you cut the cheque for your entire church group. You are more than welcome to include officials’ registration fees with your church group, just not their registration information on your form.

-Officials are registered by Aaron MacPherson. Please do not include them on your team’s registration form, otherwise they may be counted twice (and we need ACCURATE numbers for this meet!). Have any interested officials contact aaronmacphersonATlive.ca (replace AT with @). Note that registration for answer judges and scorekeepers is $40.

-20-question quizzes in the A, B, and C divisions. As always, we encourage teams who do very well in B to try A for a meet. Quizzing is on the entire year’s material.

-Registration will be 6:30-7:30 on Friday, April 28.

-We are staying on campus, and will assume everyone will be hosted in dorms. Indicate on your form if you will not be needing a place to stay. Everyone should bring bedding (even if you have a bed), and expect that they may sleep on the floor. However, coaches over 30 will be given preference in this area.

-The meet extends into the afternoon on Sunday, with awards. Quizzers who are selected for the international teams will need to stay after for a short meeting (~30 minutes). Please plan accordingly if you have a quizzer who may be in this group.

-If you require a special diet, you must include it on your registration forms. The college informs us that they do not use nuts in their kitchen and dining facilities.

-Coaches, do your best to give us numbers for spectators (other than those you are already registering), so that Briercrest can prepare an appropriate amount of food.

-Anyone wishing to participate in the Sunday morning service with a special number should contact David Ong directly at david.a4jATgmail.com (replace AT with @).

-The social will be taking place outside. Participants should bring appropriate clothes for the weather.

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