Second District Meet 2016 Information and Registration Form

Hello CMQ! I’m sorry that this didn’t come out a week sooner… This meet sure sneaked up on me! I’m hopeful, though, that because the schedule has been posted all year, that you’ve been able to get information from your quizzers this week.

It’s time to start preparing for our Second District Meet, which will be held in Regina at Living Hope Alliance Church (3900 Arcola Ave.) March 18 – 20, 2016. It has been a long time since Living Hope has been able to host us, and I for one am excited to be back there!

Please download and fill out the registration form, and email it to (replace AT with @) no later than Tuesday, March 8, 2016. I know many teams have practices on Wednesday nights, so that’s a more ideal time for you—that’s fine. It helps if you touch base with me some time in the next week so that I know you’re on it! Here’s the form again, just in case you didn’t catch it!

Important Information to Note:

  • There will be 20-question quizzes in A, B, and C divisions. The C division is intended for first year quizzers. If you believe an exception should be made, please indicate that in your registration email.
  • Material for this meet will be all of Galatians, Ephesians and Philippians.
  • The Second District meet accounts for 20% of the yearly average for A-quizzers. If any quizzer would like to be considered for Great West in April, he or she should quiz in the A division (regardless of how well they did at First Districts).
  • Cost is $45 per person, officials exempt.
  • Coaches, please don’t register officials using your registration form. They should contact our officials’ coordinator Erinn Beech directly at (replace AT with @). If you put them on the form, they get counted twice (because Erinn registers them). Thanks for your cooperation in this.
  • Coaches who wish to be billeted at this meet should have completed Plan to Protect Training.
  • Social information to follow.
  • Bagged lunches will be provided Sunday. Please indicate on your registration form if you have people who do not need bagged lunches.
  • Check-in will take place 6:30-7:30 Friday night. Make cheques payable to Canadian Midwest Quizzing. Easiest if you make a cheque for your entire group.
  • Indicate your line-ups on your registration forms. These can be changed at check-in, but it makes things easier for our stats room if we keep these changes to a minimum. Remember to mark rookie quizzers with a * by their names (even in the C division).
  • All teams for whom this is at least your second year in quizzing: If you did not do so at First Districts, we ask that you submit your $75 team registration amount. It can be submitted at registration for this meet, included in your team’s amount, or it can be submitted any other time. We can provide you with a letter to your churches if you require.
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